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    Homesite 5.5 Keyboard Shortcuts


      OS:   Win7 Pro

      Version:    HomeSite 5.5+.


      I wanted to maintain the keyboard shortcuts of Version 4 in 5.5.


      In 5.5 when I set the Keyboard Shortcut for <font="-1"></font> to "CONTROL+SHIFT+-" (minus) this works only for the actual session. When I restart HM, this shortcut no longer functions; nothing happens.


      [ Just for info: The Keyboard Shortcut I made for <font="+1"></font> is "CONTROL+SHIFT++" (plus), which keeps on working. ]


      Any suggestions?

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          haxtbh Level 4

          I think you will be hard pushed for answers to this. Homesite is so old now Im surprised anyone is still using it!


          This is a Coldfusion forum as well so this in the wrong place really.

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            Rubio101 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer. I tried to post in the Homesite forums, but for some reason I the site would not let me. Instead, it offered this thread.


            There are lots of people still using Homesite, as — in the opinion of many users — it si still the best HTML editing software around, notwithstanding Adobe's decision to discontinue it.


            Of course, I am open to having this question moved to a homesite thread.

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              WolfShade Level 4

              I hate to say it, but if you're still coding HTML using FONT tags, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.  Tags like FONT, CENTER, et al, have been deprecated, and there will be a day in the not too distant future where that code will just plain stop working.  It might not be in the next year, or two, but it's coming.


              That said, no matter how many coders think that HomeSite is the best IDE ever, they will eventually have to maintain seriously out-of-date computers in order to keep it going (and each year that goes by, parts become more difficult to find, and more expensive.)  This represents not only a high cost of operation, but the ancient tech is no longer supported for security, thus leaving systems out there for script kiddies to use as playgrounds, honing their "mad skillz".  Unless the dev network is air-gapped from the Internet, of course.  If Win7/8/10 still can run HomeSite, I'd be surprised.  Even in DOS compatibility mode, it can't be that good of an IDE.


              I used HomeSite, once.  Once.  As soon as DreamWeaver came out, I used that.  Now, DreamWeaver no longer supports CF code.  Brackets isn't bad.  Can't stand Eclipse.  NotePad++ is nice.  But eventually HomeSite will no longer work.  Then, what will you do?  You might want to learn how to use another IDE _before_ that point, just so you're not scrambling at the last second.






              UPDATE:  Believe me.. I have been quite stubborn on certain things, too, so I understand (at least kind of).  But my stubborn brain got me in a position that I'm not really liking - I stuck with ColdFusion, despite the number of people who were jumping ship, despite all the nay-sayers who swore that .NET was the future.  Now I'm working the only CF job that I can find in my area (I cannot move to San Francisco, or Texas, or Boston, or wherever else CF jobs are still in 'vogue'.)  Even the Federal Reserve Bank (once a CF bastion) is converting their sites and apps to .NET.  Yet, here I sit, working a job that is almost an hour commute away from where I live.  Coz it's the only one I'm qualified for.  I'm not asking for a pity party; I'm just letting you know.  Steadfastness ain't always a good idea.