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    Internet Explorer Crash - Acrobat.DLL faulting module

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      Hello Adobe Support,


      I am part of the technical staff for a software vendor that uses Adobe to display images in a web-browser. We cater to many different environments and have run into this issue several times, i'm hoping that providing this information someone is able to provide some insight on why we are seeing this issue and how it can be resolved. I did a light search of the forums and did not find a related topic


      The issue:

      Internet Explorer will randomly & intermittently crash occasionally when trying to display a PDF in a web browser.



      We have hundreds of clients and only 4 have seen the issue (meaning 4 different environments) - and in these 4 different environments, the issue continues to be inconsistent. It could happen on one workstation, but not on the next workstation that was made from the same base image, they could have the same software suite & hardware.


      The crash has been seen in:

      • Internet Explorer 10 & 11
      • Adobe Acrobat 10, Adobe Reader DC, Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Acrobat 11
      • Windows 7 & 10
      • This issue has been occurring over several months (since roughly February) so many windows updates and adobe patches have been put out during this time frame so we've ruled out any specific windows update, internet explorer update or adobe update as the cause.
      • there seems to be no pattern to the images that have the crash
      • there also seems to be no pattern on when the crash will occur


      we have also discerned that:

      • Firefox has not displayed this issue. (Chrome has not been tested because our software loses functionality with chrome)
      • having multiple versions of adobe installed is not a factor as the crash happens to both single installations or on workstations with multiple.
      • closing the browser and opening up the same image/pdf can display the image without the crash.



      Every instance of the crash provides an error message similar to this:


      And event viewer provides an entry for each crash, shown below. Here are three examples. note that different DLLs are listed, two of which reference an adobe.dll of some kind.


      1st image - "Acrobat.dll_unloaded" listed as fault module

      Event Viewer.PNG

              2nd image - "acrobat.dll" listed as fault module

      Event Viewer2.PNG


      3rd image - "MSVCR90.dll" listed as fault module

      Event Viewer3.PNG


      Troubleshooting done:

      • ran CMD command: "sfc /scannow" - even when this command reports that corrupt dlls were found & repaired, this did not resolve the issue. we used this tool since the faulting module always points to a "DLL"
      • 1st - uninstalled adobe, 2nd - ran the cleaning tool provided here: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/acrobatcleaner.html. 3rd - used the registry cleaner tool provided with Piriform's "CCleaner" and 4th - reinstalled adobe. issue persisted.
      • same as above but instead installed a different version of adobe. (in example, going from Acrobat 10 to Reader DC) issue persisted.
      • ran repair tool on adobe installation
      • ran windows updates & verified no Adobe or Internet Explorer updates are needed. \
      • various other things have been tried, but none of them seem worth mentioning


      Current work-around (step by step)

      1. First - verify that the correct version of adobe is listed as the default program for the necessary file extensions in "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Associations" (Seen below)
      2. second - run a repair on the current adobe installation using the repair tool provided in the software
      3. Change the below registry entry to "Disable" adobe from updating automatically. (I've included the correct path for multiple versions of adobe as needed) Registrychange.PNG


      Current working hypothesis of workaround:

      In most cases, steps 1 & 2 above will resolve the issue it seems. However, the issue crops back up eventually. My current hypothesis is that setting the file-type extensions resolves the crashing issue, but when adobe checks for updates the file type association is "reset" and then the crashing reoccurs & continues to happen. disabling updates will prevent that from happening, seemingly correcting the problem.


      It should be noted that the above work around has not worked for every instance of the problem, but has worked for a majority.


      Any insight or information that can be provided based off the information above would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you very much!