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      I read an ad on the website of adobe about 10 free images. The promotion said if canceled within 30 days, no charge would be made.

      I tried to pay with paypal but the operation was rejected, so try to pay with a debit card.

      After a few days I canceled the account but despite that, Adobe charged me $29 on my debit card.

      The payment made with paypal is listed as pending and it is holding another 29 dollars ...

      Adobe Stock was not supposed to charge me anything but It is charging me twice.

      I tried phoning but the answering machine forwards me to the website. I could not contact anyone because the links to chat and email, send me back again and again to the same support page. I've repeated this process for more than one week ...

      How can I get a refund of the debit card payment?
      How can I cancel the paypal transaction to use my 29 dollars?