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    Dynamic Stamp Causing Javascripts To Fail

    formsdoctor Level 1

      I created a dynamic stamp with a popup dialog for inputs.  The stamp script also accesses form field data on the document being stamped and populates the stamp fields with this data.  It works without issue.


      My customer has an issue with the 2nd application of the stamp on the same document. The first time it works as it should. The 2nd and subsequent times, the dialog does not pop up and a static stamp is applied with the field data from the last application of the stamp.  It seems as though the javascripts stop working after the first application of the stamp because the form being stamped has other calculation and button scripts that also stop working after this happens.  Once the document is closed and reopened the scripts work again, including the dynamic stamp.  There are no errors in the console.


      We have tested it on:

      • Windows 10 with Acrobat XI
      • Windows 10 with Acrobat Reader DC
      • Windows XP with Acrobat 8
      • Windows 7 with Acrobat Pro DC
      • Windows 7 with Acrobat Reader DC 


      The only one it is failing on is Windows 10 with Acrobat XI.  Acrobat was updated to Pro DC on the Windows 10 machine and it failed again so we assumed it was a Windows 10 issue.  However, we then tested it on a different computer with Windows 10 and Acrobat Pro DC and it worked perfectly.  So now we have the problem narrowed down to a specific computer, rather than a PDF viewer version or operating system.  Any ideas on what would cause this and how to fix it?