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    Word 2003 Import - TOC Issue

      I have a problem when importing docs into RoboHelp HTML X5.02 from Word 2003.

      The TOC generates with the correct structure based on the TOC from my document, but the generated Topics are not linked to the TOC books/pages that have been created.

      I am having to use the Topic > Properties > Find Topic dialogue and paste the topic title into the Topic Search field to manually find and match all the TOC Topics.

      The problem seems to have started when I began importing docs in languages other than English. Now it applies to English as well.

      I have found that I can intermittently import docs successfully if the doc content is all set to US English language, and the doc is imported from the RoboHelp starter, rather than from RoboHTML. Even so this doesn't seem to function consistently.

      Does anyone have any ideas? I am generating large Projects in 4 languages, and matching all the Topics manually is becoming a serious issue.