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      I read a promo to obtain the promo of 10 free images, where it said if I cancel the plan after 30 days, it will not charge me any money.


      I tried to make the first payment with paypal but the payment didn't pass so, I tried to make the payment trought a debit card.


      After that I cancel my subscription but still, adobe charged me for 29 USD...

      They payment through paypal is still pending so, it's charging me twice...


      I don't know how to contact adobe for they to cancel the transaction. I've tried to call but the answer machine send me to a webpage, that webpage always returns me to the same support page over and over again... I've been trying to get support for almost 1 week...


      Where can I receive TRUE HELP from someone real from adobe?

      . but still, adobe charged me for 29 USD