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    Verity <cfsearch> returns "collection does not exist" error - when collection does exist

      I have created a collection using the Coldfusion Administrator - and it shows up fine when displaying all the collections. I also populated the collection using the <cfindex> function - using a SQL query - and that appeared to work fine. It put 117 entries into the collection - and this also shows up in the Coldfusion Administrator collections window.

      The problem is, when I try to search the collection with the <cfsearch> tag, it returns an error stating "The collection you specified does not exists or is not registered with the ColdFusion Search Service."

      I can see the collection I'm trying to search exists. Is there anything else I need to do to get the <cfsearch> function to find the collection? I've tried repairing the collection, optimizing the collection, even deleting it and recreating it - nothing seems to work. I specify the fully-qualified path to the collection in my cfsearch, so that shouldn't be the problem.

      Is there some other command or function I need to run?

      Thanks!!! Pamela