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    cli-6.3.0 on Android sets VersionCode to low


      I just upgraded from cli-6.2.0 to cli-6.3.0


      I bumped my app Version from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6, my Versioncode for the 1.1.5 App was 110878 (build with cli-6.2.0)

      The Version Code for the 1.1.6 App is 11101 (build with cli-6.3.0) and i cannot upload it to the playstore because

      the lower versioncode.

      When i change back to cli-6.2.0 and rebuild i get a VersionCode 111038 for my 1.1.6 App


      Why is the generated VersionCode to low and how can i fix it? !