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    2 datagrids and 1 Popup with Videodisplay

      hi everyone i've been for weeks trying to figure out how to do this, i hope somebody can help me

      i have 2 datagrids,

      first one is bind to an xml

      x="2" y="71" width="150" height="507"
      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Lista" columnName="dato"/>

      2nd datagrid is bind to the first one
      <mx:datagrid x="600" y="468" width="157" height="40" dataProvider="{datagrid.selectedItem.video}"
      This one shows if there is a video on the xml

      This is part of the xml
      <nombre dato="A orillas de una laguna.">
      <desc>Libro de Edmundo Batres Ledón siajhdsifsdfirfd</desc>
      <imagen>A orillas de una laguna.jpg</imagen>

      and i have another MXML file whish is video.mxml

      what i want to do is that if there is a video on datagrid 2 click on it and see the .flv on the video.mxml file