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    Central Location for Font Libraries, Scripts, PDF Presets, etc.?

    celulloyd Level 1

      There are five people in my department using InDesign CC 2014 (hopefully soon to upgrade to 2015). We all have different font libraries, image libraries, versions of PDF presets, etc. Is there a way (or a place) to store all the items that each of us use (but currently have different versions of) so that we can all be working from the same items (fonts, scripts, plug-ins, presets, etc.)? For instance, if I download a new version of a script, or alter an existing version, other than giving it to each person and asking them to put it in their scripts folder, is there a way it could reside in a folder somewhere and they could put an alias (or something else) in their scripts folder and have it update if the original file gets updated?


      I'm pretty sure I can create a font library on our server but I believe they'd still have to download the fonts to their computers in order to use them. Then if a font was replaced by a new version, or new fonts were added, they would have to install them locally.


      I know this isn't strictly an InDesign question, but it pertains solely to our use of InDesign.


      We're using Mid-2010 Mac Pros. Some of us are on 10.8.5 and I'm on 10.10.5. We're going to have to upgrade the other computers in order to install CC 2015.


      Thanks for any help.