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    Flash Color Picker HELP

      Im using Flash Pro 8. I've got a delima.. I need to take a pic of a t-shirt and allow users to click on the collar, select a color from the color picker, and then it will change the collar to that color. The same idea will be put forth to the t-shirt itself and the trim on the sleves.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          People here like to help, but help us helping you:

          Haver you allready started with something we can help with?

          Do you want us to tell You if it is doable? (yes it is)

          Do you want us to take you by the hand for ever step from noe on?(just kidding, I don't mean to sound harsh, but it happes sometimes)

          Ust one or two quetions to point you int a direction?

          Do you want the to select fron a palett of 10 (or whatever number) or you want them to mix the colors themself?

          Will you have to send the colors (and other data to as server / email) in the end?
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            The easy way is to have your T-shirt on top where the areas to be colored are transparent. Underneath you have a movie clip with a different color in each frame. If you like you can label each frame in this movie clip according to its color. Then each color in your color picker is a button that tells the movie clip which frame (or color) to go to.
            on(release) {colorclip.gotoAndStop("chartreuse")}

            I think this is plenty to go on if you have worked the newbie tutorials and understand movie clips, named instances of movie clips, and buttons.