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    How to lock orientation in PhoneGap Build

    k0spwn Level 1

      I'm trying to port a JS/CSS/HTML game on Android with PhoneGap Build and I need to lock the rotation to Landscape but I can't find a working solution online.



      I've tried to put this in the config.xml but it doesn't work :


      <preference name="orientation" value="landscape" />



      And I have found other solutions online that say to change the AndroidManifest.xml but I can't find it in my PhoneGap project folder I only have those folders :


      - .cordova ( empty folder )

      - hooks ( empty folder )

      - platforms

        - browser ( contain default phonegap site/app )

        - platforms.json

      - plugins

      - www ( contain the website html/css/js files I want to put into an Android app )



      Thanks for you help !