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    Export times with numerous tracks

    jeffs-IFL Level 1

      I did a search and found a very similar question from 2012 titled "Question about exporting times", but it had never been answered.


      I put together half hour radio broadcasts which typically include four tracks. I have to duplicate the edited program to four new tracks to create a shorter version for other stations. This duplication is done two more times for an international and web versions. When I export, I only have four tracks live (they are soloed) at a time, but the processing takes quite a bit longer as it includes all 16 tracks in the processing. I have another session with 30 second spots built for each weekday of a month at two tracks each. This results in about 40 tracks. Again, only two tracks are ever playing or exporting at a time, but the session really bogs down and export is much longer than it should be.


      I'm running on an iMac with a 4Ghz Intel Core i7 and using Audition CC


      Is there a way to turn off the processing for tracks that aren't active during export or playback? I realize keeping all tracks in the processing might be necessary for someone processing stems out of a song multitrack for latency sake, but I don't need that in this case. If not, this would be great option to turn off in Multitrack preferences.


      Also on a related note, it would be great to be able to turn off the waveform processing when just importing files into batch process. The waveform isn't necessary if they're just going to be exported back out in another file format and the time adds up for many longer files.