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    Crash on import




      Hopefully someone can help me, Lightroom crashes when I click on "Import" and gives the following error:


      adobe photoshop lightroom 64-bit has stopped working


      Yesterday it was fine!


      All other functions seem to be okay - Develop, Map, Book


      But clicking "Import" kills it every time.


      I've tried deleting the .lock file from the Lightroom folder but it doesn't make any difference.





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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi dj_pie_safety,


          Please turn off the Graphics Processor from the Lightroom Preferences.


          Open Lightroom

          Go to Lightroom Preferences from the Edit menu

          Click on Performance tab

          Uncheck the Graphics Processor

          Restart Lightroom


          Let us know if that helps.



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            I had this same problem for hours, after investigating I felt like an idiot when I unplugged my phone charger that was plugged into my computer usb and then it magically worked. Hope this helps you. Lesson learned, you cant import if your phone is plugged in to your computer.