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    LR import problem from PSE


      Have been a PSE user for a long time and decided to give LR a try. Downloaded trial version of LR6 and imported my PSE14 catalog. After seeing how the import went i decided to clean up my PSE catalog (deleted many many files and cleaned up some tags). After doing so I wanted to re-import into LR so I deleted my LR catalog as prescribed by adobe help but when I tried to import my PSE catalog again I received a "You cannot import a Photoshop Elements Catalog more than once" message. I could not find any help with searches is this a message related to me trying to do this with the trial version? In other words if I purchase will I be able to again import my PSE14 catalog? Thanks to anyone who can help as I have decide I like LR and would like to use it but the import problem is a major issue.