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    how do I set a default size for a dynamic stamp


      How do I set a default size for a dynamic stamp that I have already created? I need it smaller.

      I have adobe pro xi.

      ]I found the response on line but the person still had issues and were told to email the response person directly.

      I cannot find any edit capability for the dynamic stamp - it is always huge and since we stamps multiple times, resizing is inefficient.



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          formsdoctor Level 1

          Unfortunately, you have to recreate the stamp.  Here's how:


          1)  Stamp a blank PDF page with the stamp (leave all dynamic fields empty).

          2)  Resize the stamp to the default size you desire and save the PDF file.

          3)  Use the stamp menu to create a static stamp (Stamps>Custom Stamps>Create) using the PDF from the previous step as the image.

          4)  Stamp a blank PDF with the stamp created in step 3.

          5)  Select the stamp and get the stamp name by running this script in the console:  this.selectedAnnots[0].AP

          5)  Find the static stamp in the stamps folder.

          6)  Copy and paste all form fields from the original stamp to the stamp created in stamp 3 and resize and align the form fields.

          7)  Find the field containing the dynamic stamp script and change the stamp name in the script to the from step 5.

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