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    Auto-responder in Muse


      Dear Muse community!!


      I'm searching since 1h but didn't find an answer for my question, so sorry if the same question was already posted.


      I wanted to ask if there's a possibility to create an auto-responder for the standard muse contact form. Or the second question, if the mail could send not from "the website" but from the mail-adress which is filled in in the "E-Mail" box. Then I would create a auto-responder on my hoster's backend.


      The plan should be:


      - User fills out the form with his e-mail adress

      - the website will send to a specified e-mail adress an e-mail but with the filled out e-mail adress of the user

      - the auto responder will send an answer to the e-mail adress of the user.


      I really hope there is possibility :-)


      Or is there a "expert form" which provides my points?


      Thank you for your help