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    RoboHelp 2015 - Scroll Bars in Text-only popups


      I converted projects from RH8 to 2015 a few months ago, and have noticed that a vertical scroll bar appears in some text-only popups in each project.  I'm not sure why this is happening, and there is no need for the scroll bar - all of the content appears within the popup anyway and the scroll bar is kind of grayed out.  Here is an example (a):


      If you right-click on the popup and refresh it, the scroll bar goes away (example b):


      However, you have to do that every time to get the scroll bar to go away.   If you click out of the popup and then open it again, the scroll bar appears and it looks like example a.  While this isn't a huge issue, it's enough that people are complaining about it.  Also, it doesn't do this in every popup - some of them look perfectly fine (no scroll bar) as soon as you click on them (example c):


      I can't find what is causing this to happen.  I've compared the htm files for the two popups (good and bad) in Notepad, and they both have the exact same code except for the content. The two popups above even come from the same topic (but this happens in many different topics in the projects), so I don't think it's something with the code in the topic itself.  I've tried removing the popups and recreating them - the scroll bar still appears.  I've updated the DHTML on the projects.  Is there any way to fix this across the board?  Maybe a line in the ehlpdhtm.js file?


      I could possibly fix each "bad" popup individually, but that would take quite a long time; I've already found a lot of them and don't know how many there will be in total.  Right now, the text popups are all set to have vertical and horizontal margins of 10.  If I change the horizontal margin to 0 in the Text Popup Properties for the two bad popups that I've tested, the scroll bar does go away.  However, the popup doesn't look as nice because there's no margin:

           Even if that looked OK, I'd still have to identify and edit the margins on every bad popup.  Also, doesn't it seem odd that if my horizontal margins are now 0, that there's still a clear margin to the right?


           That's why I'm hoping someone knows of a fix that would work across the board. maybe in a line of code somewhere.


           The web browser we use is IE (currently on version 11).