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    New system, RAID questions - hard vs soft

    milkmade Level 1

      My new system build is finally complete. My final part arrives tomorrow, a 950 Pro.


      My idea for disk setup is as follows:


      1) OS/apps - 840 evo 250gb


      2) All premiere files/folders in/out - 950 Pro 512gb


      3) bulk storage - finished projects/archives/movies/music - (2x2TB RAID-0) 4TB Hitachi desktar (I redirect the Windows User folder here, desktop folder/music/docs/video etc as its bulk stuff)


      My question, should I do a hardware raid via the x99 intel chipset or just via windows 10 software built in software raid? Does it matter? Hardware raid vs software?


      Thoughts on my planned disk setup? I don't plan on buying anymore SSDs/HDDs for awhle, so for those going to suggest upgrading my 840 evo, I'm completely fine with it and happy with its performance as an os/app drive.


      Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!




      6800k, 32gb ddr4-3200, 1070 gtx are system specs