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    Swapping the left and right panels for left handed screen enabled pen use.

    G Mulligan Level 1

      I use a computer with a pen enabled screen.  It's the ideal way to work with focal lightroom edits.  I prefer this over the mouse or Wacom Tablet.  I am however left handed.  This creates a problem.  With the adjustment panel on the right, as you move the sliders your hand covers much of the image.  It's enough of a problem that I am forced to use a mouse to adjust the sliders.  Once I've drawn what I need on the image I have to put the pen down and pick up the mouse, not ideal.  The fix is to have the option to swap positions of the panels so the adjustment panel is on the left.  10% of the population is left handed.  This is even higher among creatives.  This would be a great fix for left handers.  Is this possible????

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