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    Export Problems with Adobe 2015.3


      Hello I need some help and I hope you can help me

      I work in a company with Adobe CC in video production.


      My main programs I'm workin with are Premiere Pro, After Effects and Enocoder.

      Our computers in the company have Windows 10 and run with the latest versions of Adobe CC programs.


      1) After the update to Win10 I can't export anything. It constantly get an error message. Only sometimes when I turn off Cuda support the export works.

      But only sometimes. Whether premiere or encoder. I have the programs reinstalled and the video driver is new.

      The graphics card is the Geforce GTX 560 from NVIDIA. I tried H_264, MXF and QuickTime.


      I can't add a picture of the Error but it writes in German:


      "Fehler beim Kompilieren des Films.

      Fehler bei beschleunigtem Renderer

      Frame kann nicht produziert werden.

      Schreiben mit Exporter:H.264


      Selektor: 9

      Fehlercode: -1609629690"


      Error at compile the film

      Error at accelerated rendering

      Frame can't be produced

      Writing with exporter H.264


      Selector 9

      Error code: -1609629690


      But even with no Cuda support it it exports maybe 30% of times.


      2) The second problem - if I do finally export from After Effects through Encoder I get errors in sound. There are parts of sound added

      that I didn't cuted in. For example last sounds are doubled.


      I hope you are not scared of my english Have a nice time and may be you can help me.



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          I am not sure this is a Cuda or any GPU problem. it looks like a codec problem.


          1. check your Ae version and see that it's 13.8.1, if it is:

          2. try to remove Qt and re-install just the essential components, if still happens

          3. if you have any, try to remove any codec packs installed on this machine?

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            We will need to know a lot more information before we can be of much help to you. Information such as this page suggests.

            I know you said you're using the latest, but please be specific about the actual version number you are using. Sometimes the CC app says things are up to date when they aren't, so telling us the version number is very helpful.


            Are you using the ray-traced renderer? If not, CUDA support is fairly irrelevant in After Effects (barring three effects in 13.8.x). What CUDA option are you turning on and off?


            Please give us complete details about your render settings. It's not a good idea to render H.264 from After Effects. QuickTime wrapper on H.264 is buggy and isn't supported by Apple.

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              friedel1966 Level 1

              Hello guys, thanks for the feedback!

              The version of After Efects is
              I send the Timeline from After Effects directly to Encoder, using the "Export > Add to Encoder Queue".
              In the Encoder, there's a choice "Mercury Playback Engine"  . Below, in the render window:

              "GPU acceleration (CUDA)" and "only Software".


              I do export always in H 264, HD 1080 50p with 8Mbits, 25Mbits




              No special codecs installed.


              Abouit the PC, no special Hardware is used.

              CPU Typ    QuadCore Intel Core i7-2600K, 3800 MHz (38 x 100)

              NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560  (1 GB)

              DirectX    DirectX 12.0

              Quicktime Version 7.7.5 (1680.95.13)


              I tried to remove Premiere, After Effects an Encoder and instell them after,

              but there is maybe a folder where I can clean the cache or anything similar?


              I have a colleague and he has the same problem with export out of Atter Effects(using Encoder):

              there is audio that shouldn't be. For example the last 3 words doubled at the end or in the beginning.


              So I'll reinstall QuickTime and maybe all these programs one more time and will see.

              But as I said before. When I do render with no CUDA I have a 40% chance it will finish well.

              Whith CUDA maybe 5% with a very short video (5seconds)

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                Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                The version of After Efects is

                First thing you should do - update to 13.8.1 through the CC App. then report if there are any issues. don't remove QT just yet. this could be only related to your buggy version of Ae.



                you need to update encoder too. the recent version is 10.4


                but there is maybe a folder where I can clean the cache or anything similar?

                Yes. after you update you clear the cache in your preferences->Memory and Disk Cache - you have 2 buttons there

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                  friedel1966 Level 1

                  Well, thank you both for supporting me.

                  I've updated my programs and now I can export without an error for about 50% of my exports.

                  It's better than before. But there is still the problem.

                  I think I have to reinstall my system at it all, because it started after updating the OS to Win10...

                  Wish you a good time.



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                    Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                    Thank you. Goodluck and please update if on any developments.