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    Google Fonts Baseline in InDesign


      Hello there. When I use Google Fonts in InDesign in most cases the font baseline is far too low. Using the same font in Photoshop everthing seems to be fine. I am using Windows 10 and for example the font "Cairo". Is there any way to get InDesign to show the Fonts correcty?

      Thanks for any help, Daniel.

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          MW Design Level 5

          If what you mean is the distance between one line and the next, then it is the font's metrics involved. While I do not agree with the amount of interline distance, the metrics were likely improperly calculated as I do not see the reason for such a value.


          One reason for this particular font's metrics is the inclusion of Arabic glyphs, which require a larger value than the Latin/Latin Extended glyphs because of the marks that are above/below the glyphs themselves.


          If you do not need the Arabic, Cairo is an Arabic version of Titilium Web.



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            daniel-rs Level 1

            Thank you Mike. You're right, of course. The space between lines is absolutely correct with those fonts. It is only the first baseline that is far lower than e.g. that of Frutiger, whilst their boxes are aligned. So you're explanation's been very helpful. The only thing I don't quite understand is that Arial e.g. does not have that lower baseline, but surely has Arabic glyphs.

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              MW Design Level 5

              Like I mentioned, it is the internal metrics causing the issue. I would have made different choices for the metrics based upon looking inside the font. With Ariel, different choices were also made in comparison to the font in question.