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    Interpreting the licence terms about a digital library




      Hoping for a bit of clarity here.  I have a 750 image subscription plan that I use in my role so I have access to stock imagery.  A lot of the client teams I work with, within the same organisation have large demands for stock photography (so my work is always in demand), which could be better served by having a digital library of 'on-brand' imagery that they can use within their presentation material (generally ppt documents).


      In the stock additional terms and conditions document, option 3.6 seems to suggest that having a digital library of licensed and downloaded images available to them is okay and can be 'viewed' by employees in my company.


      3.6 Digital Library.  You may create a digital library, network configuration or similar arrangement to allow the Work to be viewed by employees and clients of your company.


      Although 4.1(b) says:


      (You must not) share the Work with any other person or entity, or post the Work online in a downloadable format or on an electronic bulletin board;


      • Does the use of the word view mean the digital library can not have any means for the employee to download an image from it?
      • Does 4.1 (b) refer to use on the internet? as opposed to a network drive or private intranet?


      Which is correct? I'd love to create a small digital library with 50 or so assests in it, but this seems 'too' cheap on a standard 750 licence.


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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Adam,


          You can create a digital library to showcase the work or image with your team/organisation in a manner that they view the image but not download it or view it separately.

          This would kill the purpose of licensing.


          However, you may also share with them a 'Preview version of the image' which can be downloaded from the stock website that has the watermark, but can be shared with the team to download and use it.


          Hope that helps!