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    Type math equations in InDesign

    far-da Level 1

      Hi, I'm working on an accounting document that has math equations. The original file is in Microsoft Word. When I place the document in InDesign the equations are missing. I tried the copy and paste, it comes as picture and the baseline doesn't mach the text.

      Does anyone have a solution please?

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign doesn't have it's own equation editor. You can:

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            Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

            Sorry I'm a little late to this thread.


            I've recently had to format physics and chemistry books and share the OP's pain. Several authors using different versions of Word, sometimes the equations came in, other times they did not (i.e. not just "corrupted", but did not import at all - only a blank space - not even an image placeholder - where the equation was). I'd concluded that the equation import would be unsuccessful with content created with the latest version from Word for Mac 2016. However, if the docx was saved back to .doc and then imported, the equations came in, albeit as images.


            There are three plug-in solutions that I'm aware of:

            But to me this raises a separate question –  can Adobe please update how InDesign imports Word files so that it can accept the revised way equations are imported? And yes, I've submitted this question to the wishform page before anyone asks.


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