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    AE extremely slooooooooow when doing anything [LOCKED - duplicate thread]




      I am the IT guy, and know very little about the program, but the user does not understand (nor do I ) why the program is so delayed when doing anything at all. Whatever file she opens, going from frame to frame, when editing or moving around has a serious delay and the image gets very unclear and pix elated.


      The machine specs are as follows


      AE version

      Windows 8.1 Enterprise

      Intel i7 5960 3.9GHZ

      32 GB Ram

      500Gb SSD

      1TB storage drive

      Network storage with terabytes of storage

      USB 3.0 external drive

      twin Nvidia 980 x ( I believe its 980, or 990 ) connected together with SLI

      It does not matter where the file is when it slows down, what drive the file is located, or the size of the file. It could be a very small file, or a large file, and the file type does not matter. The Memory being used is not even 5GB and most free, CPU and HDD usage extremely low as well. We can multitask on the unit and open folders, files, browsers, even watch videos at the same time and they work fin


      Every time we try to update it gives us an update failed error and to try again, but no error code, or anything. Just to try again. I'm not sure where the error log file is to check.


      I have seen some posts about setting up different settings but we have tried most of those, setting the Allocated RAM, and multiframe rendering, etc.

      I am not sure what other information anyone may need but will be happy to investigate and provide any that could help the user and myself figure this out.