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    Linked images are being down-sampled when jumping over to Photoshop for editing


      One of my employees is experiencing the strangest behavior from InDesign and Photoshop (I think it has more to do with InDesign, so that's why I'm posting here.) We are working completely in the CC environment, and latest OS.


      Here's what happens:


      1. Linked PSD file in InDesign needs to be edited.
      2. Linked file is selected in Links palette and then the edit icon is pushed.
      3. The PSD file opens in Photoshop AT A LOWER RESOLUTION than what the original file actually is!


      Specifically the original PSD file is 5760x3840, but when the image opens in Photoshop (using the steps above) it opens in Photoshop sized-down to 2000x1333.


      I have never experienced this before and it doesn't happen on any other machines. Any idea why this is happening?