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    Adobe Digital Editions fails to transfer EPUB to NOOK simple touch


      Ref:How to install Adobe Digital Editions for Windows

      If you have trouble downloading or transferring eBooks, try
      clearing your authorization, then reauthorizing ADE


      1. Did all that. Still getting message:

      Error Dialog
      This book has been returned. Loan not on record

      This is nonsense. ADE showed it in the borrowed list and I could open it and read it in ADE. But after I transfer it to NOOK, even though it shows up in the Digital Editions folder (well over a megabyte file), it wont let me read it. Instead it presents the above error dialog.


      2. Tried deleting from ADE (OverDrive says no books borrowed. 4 available copies). Checked out and completed delivery to ADE. Readable in ADE. Plugged in NOOK. Dragged ADE image to NOOK in ADE file list. Before I could eject the NOOK got the error message from ADE:

      Adobe Digital Editions
      Errors Were Detected
      The following items could not be copied to your device.
      /!\ The Right Thing to Do (Short Story) CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED - No permission to copy the book
      For Digital Editions Help and Support, Click here

      Another hour going through the Help and Support. No help at all.

      My system: Windows 10x64 Enterprise, HP G72t-200 CTO Notebook PC, SSD 500GB/320GB Free