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    Still many SEO related issues in Muse

    michaelw70056450 Level 2

      Dear Muse Product Team


      I just completed another responsive website in Muse.


      Sadly, scanning with Google tools revealed the following issues which WILL affect ranking of sites on Google etc.


      I have reported these issues countless times but have been ignored.


      Why should we pay to use a tool which does not meet industry standards ie Google guidelines.


      Here are the issues:

      • The "frameborder" element on the "iframe" is obsolete. Use CSS instead. As far as I can see this error is being generated by the YouTube widget ie the one created by Adobe in Muse.
      • Huge number of HTTP requests slowing down the website. This site I built is simple and all images etc compressed in Photoshop. However, I am told 90% of websites in the world are faster than this one I built, how can that be?
      • Render blocking - Remove or defer JavaScript and CSS that interferes with loading above-the-fold content.
      • Prioritize visible content
      • Minfy HTML
      • Stray start tag "html"


      Adobe have known about these issues for well over a year to my knowledge but failed to act.


      Please can someone in the Product Team get a grip on this soon.