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    night sky time lapse batch auto tune


      I have over 4000 pictures on the perseid metor showers (2 days worth). 

      Most of the photos could use some exposure added (maybe a little bit of clarity too) however I would say most images need a varying degree of it.  Early pictures, closest to sunset have alot of light, compared to 2am when theres no light.  


      I have tried batch processing them in both photoshop and LR 

      • auto tuning for both added way to much (LR probably more then PS)
      • when doing it manually via recorded actions, no matter how small a change i make its not the right setting for some images



      I need something that is going to select the proper exposure automatically for all pictures, is that possible?  Basically it should be a varying amount for each image, not matter how slight the change it should be variable since the light in the image is variable.


      Can I adjust LR or PS auto tune feature?