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    Lightroom Plugins and CC sync files




      After reading many peoples posts with the same issue and spending many hours waiting for/trying options that are suggested by Adobe. It's clear that any plugin file you purchase will not get to your computer. Could someone at Adobe please email me the download link to the installer for 'Particleshop Brush' plugin for Lightroom?


      I have had to install CC to sync files to no avail. I then followed the procedures to download a .zxp file from the site and installed ' Adobe Extension Manager CC' to point to the zxp file that doesn't install. Having install two pieces of Adobe software to get to MY purchases I find utter **** especially as it still doesn't send the files to my 'Download area' on my computer.


      Either give me my money back or send me the link. This is not a good start with my relation with Adobe as it appears your CC **** doesn't work. It can't even sync little plugin files.


      I was considering renting PS CC as my CS2 is way out of date but I hate not owning software that I pay for and this has made my mind up not to rent from you.


      However, I still either want the link for my purchase for the installer and not a zxp file or I will contest the payment with PayPal to get my money back.


      Can't say I'll buy from Adobe store anymore either.

      I will uninstall CC and Extension Manager and hope that my paid for Lightroom 6 is unaffected.