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    "Pictures" Folder Duplicated After Moving LR6 to New Computer


      Hello!  After moving LR6 to my new computer, I've discovered that I have a duplicate folder that contains a second copy of all 20,000+ of my photos!  I think my path must be the problem, but I don't know how to resolve it.  Here's a snip of my path (see below).  I tried to Move a photo from the 2nd "Karen" to the 1st Karen folder, but got an error message, because the photo was already in the 1st folder.  Also, although all my photos are also in the 2nd Karen folder, only one subfolder is there (Birding 2016) to which I had just added new photos.  That is how I discovered the problem-, i.e., when I couldn't find the new photos in the 1st Karen folder.  I would greatly appreciate any assistance you might provide regarding how to fix this.   Thanks-- Karen.


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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          It would seem that your Windows version of LR is seeing the upper and lower case K as two different letters like a Mac would do.

          Not sure how to fix this...

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            Kardons47 Level 1

            Thanks for replying.  I also suspect that there are two Karen/karen folders in LR.  I think this is a LR path problem and have no idea how to fix this.  When I look at my paths in my computer C drive, all is well.  There is no karen with a small k, only one Karen (capital K) folder under users.  But, in LR, all my library photos show up in their folders only in karen (small k).   Do you know anyone who might be able to assist?



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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              Your old computer was probably under karen and the new one is Karen.  Right click the Pictures folder under karen and do"hide parent folder".  Then right click it again and do  "show parent folder" and Lr should resolve the problem.  I am not sure if this will work but past threads have offered this as a solution.

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                Kardons47 Level 1

                Bob, I tried it, but didn't have success--or at least did not know what to do next.  But I think you are on the right track for fixing this problem.  I just stumbled across this LR Forum Thread which "appears" to contain the solution to my problem.  It has to do with the capitalization issue.  The resolution, I think, is contained in a  "Discussion in 'Managing your Photos & Video' started by Amos Thunder, Sep 28, 2015."


                On page 2 of the discussion, Jim Wilde, Lightroom Guru, sums up the problem and resolution in a message to Johan Elezaga:


                Johan (Elenzga), I keep thinking that we ought to do a write-up on this problem in our Tips & Tricks section. As you've seen, the fix is relatively simple but the trick is in identifying the problem. The root cause is that the OS is (usually) case-insensitive, whereas Lightroom unfortunately isn't. So when something such as changing the case of just a single letter on an existing file-path happens, e.g. correcting the case of the first letter of the username during an OS upgrade/change, Lightroom will continue to process the existing folders/files...because when talking to the OS about an existing file/folder with a file-path including, for example "tore", the OS quite happily processes that file-path even though in reality the current correct spelling is "Tore". The problem arises when doing an import after the case change....the import dialog shows the destination with the current case (Tore), so the case-sensitive Lightroom sees the file-path as a totally different path to the existing one, and so shows the folder outside the existing one....but the OS doesn't see anything different, so the files are physically stored in the existing folder hierarchy.


                And that's the clue, i.e. user reports a new folder is created outside the intended existing folder hierarchy (even duplicating an existing folder if that's what they're importing into), but when viewing in Folder or Explorer the files have been put into the correct intended folder. It's not always obvious, but over time you start to recognise it more easily.


                The issue then becomes the fix....as you've seen, Show Parent Folder won't work (Lightroom gets confused, so issues an error message), and you can't drag from the new to the old folder (because when asking the OS to do this, the OS reports the files already exist, which again confuses Lightroom). The trick then is to correct the file path of the parent folder which shows the incorrect case (which is why I asked to see what Lightroom thought the two paths looked like, to identify which one needed "fixing"), but you can't rename it. So we point it at an empty folder outside the existing parent folder(s) (which is why we created the Fred folder on the Desktop) using Update Folder Location, then repeat that to point back to the original parent folder, which will now get the correct file-path including the capitalisation. The "Merge" thing happens because now that's exactly what we are asking Lightroom to do, i.e. merge the old "tore" folders with the recently created existing "Tore" folders.


                Hope that makes sense (and no, I didn't figure that out myself, I picked it up from an Adobe engineer called Dan Tull when he did it on one of the Adobe forums many years ago).Jim



                I am such a beginner with respect to "paths,"  that I can't really follow the directions--and am not even sure that I have the same problem--but I think I do.  Bob, are you able to walk me through it?  Or, is there a way to contact Jim Wilde? 


                Thank you for your help

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                  Kardons47 Level 1

                  Hi again...Just realized the thread I sent was from Lightroom Forums.



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                    Bob Somrak Level 6

                    Is this the solution from Jim Wilde you are referring to.   He is a member of the Forum and recently logged on so you could send him a Personal Message from this link.  https://forums.adobe.com/people/Jim%20Wilde


                    I have seen this problem discussed on several occasions but don't remember in detail the solutions.


                    Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3.03.46 PM.png

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                      Bob Somrak Level 6

                      BTW, here is a link to the entire thread that I got the Jim Wilde screen clip from which may help explain his solution to this problem.  LR imports into a "shadow" copy of the folder | Photoshop Family Customer Community

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                        Kardons47 Level 1

                        Hi Bob,

                        Yes, you have the right thread in your earlier comment.  I just sent (I think) a message to Jim Wilde, explaining my problem.  I also found an updated (and more complex, to me) solution in Tips and Tricks:  Volume / Folder appearing several Times in Folder Panel | Lightroom Forums   This whole thing is causing me (and my husband) great anxiety. 


                        Thank you for the link to Jim



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                          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                          Just to update any watchers, I've provided Karen with the steps to take to correct the problem in the Lightroom Forums thread that she started: Problem with Duplicate Folders | Lightroom Forums


                          Hopefully that will close the issue.

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