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    Footer Problem


      Hey guys, I am brand new to Muse so this may be a simple fix, but right now nothing seems simple.


      I am trying to get my footer to work correctly, but when I check the footer box the content previews as being pushed much closer together than it appears in my design.


      I've experience problems with this before: content not ending up anywhere near where I'm placing it in my design.


      What I've noticed is that, though I am working on a 1366 breakpoint when designing it, there are visible guidelines for my next breakpoint (768) on the canvas and that's where my content seems to align to. Why would that be?

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          In Muse nothing aligns to nothing automatically, and especially not to "guides".

          My proposal: Create a small and simple demo site, which shows your problem, upload this .Muse file to Dropbox or something like that, and post the download link here. Doing this, will prevent us from endless guessing and assuming, because the issue, you are facing, can have hundreds of reasons.