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    Switching between adjustment sliders quickly

    Ross-A Level 1

      I have always used Adobe Camera RAW as opposed to Lightroom and people keep telling me how great Lightroom is.  I have always thought that the two programs were basically the same, but did things via different means, which is why when Lightroom first came out I didn't bother looking at it, "if it aint broke" etc.


      Well one reason I want to explore changing is because Adobe Camera RAW is VERY very laggy and Lightroom appears to be snappier when making adjustments to images. 


      Just one problem though!


      In ACR I use a Wacom pen to draw crop boxes, zoom in and the adjustment brush among other things.  To adjust the images I use the keyboard tab key to switch between sliders in order to increase/decrease exposure etc.  This is fantastic; as I have the sliders almost memorised in their order, I can look at the image the whole time and move the sliders around using only the tab key.  In Lightroom however I cannot switch between sliders with the tab key and have to look at the sliders (rather than the image) in order to activate a slider and make an adjustment.  This is very frustrating and counter intuitive to time efficiency as I spend more time aiming at a slider to click on it as opposed to just pressing the tab key once, twice etc depending on which slider I want selected.  If I use shift and tab together I can go back the other way again.


      Is there a way in Lightroom to switch between sliders without having to always click on them?  It's hugely annoying.