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    Adobe 6.2 nosamplecontent - Empty JCR

    funkman Level 1

      I am embarking on upgrading to 6.2. I decided I want to start with a clean install and migrate everything over.


      In older AEM 6.1 (or less) - I add a runmode of nosamplecontent. Then when AEM creates the JCR repo - it doesn't add any of the geometrixx content.


      When I try that with 6.2 - I don't get the geometrixx (which is good) - but I also don't get a usable repository either. When I go into crx/de lite the selection tree on the left is empty. No

      - apps

      - bin

      - content

      - Or anything else which should be there.


      I did this on a linux server with java 1.8.45 and windows 7 laptop with java 1.8.92 - both had the same result when starting AEM 6.2 with nosamplecontent on first install.


      My workaround so far has been to start AEM normally with sample content and then remove the geometrixx content.