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    Multiple drop downs, someone please help

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      I have been trying to find the solution for this for months now, without success. What I'm trying to do, I believe, would be very simple (for an expert). I cannot figure it out on my own, or know if it is even possible.


      Here's a link to a brief example of what I'm trying to accomplish: https://www.dropbox.com/home/FormExample?preview=miniExampeB.pdf


      If you view it you will get it right away. It's so simple, but no one helps. I just want to click the first drop down and have all the drop downs to populate with the person's name but also populate the hidden text fields with the export values of each drop down. All the drop downs have the same names of the people but different export values. The first drop down will show the person's name and address, the second has the person's SSN, the third drop down has the person's work classification, and the fourth drop down has the person's pay rate.


      I want to select a name from the first drop down and it will populate all the drop downs with the selected name, but the drop downs' export values of each drop down will populate the associated text field. Making filling in the form very quick and easy. And, that's what I want to do.


      So, if you can help me get this done, please do so or let me know if what I want to do can be done. What I don't need are suggestions to other options, the actual form is much to large to go and change things now.


      I really hope someone can help me after all this time. I would like to mark the form complete and so I can get some sleep.