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    An aurora Effect?

      I have a movie with dimensions w198.0 by h737.0 And what i would like to do is insert a layer or clip in to a layer that has a nice Aurora effect such as :

      to the back ground of my main menu....
      This file ya see there is realy nice looking but what id liek to do is make it so it penatrates the edges of my 198 by 737 box by say 10pixels so it effectivly gives the menu a nice multicolour changing effect.

      Any ideas on how to do this? tutorial perhaps?
      simularily ive seen a few masking tutorials that give some prety nice border effects Is there a way to create say a number of shine areas on specific parts of my menu that loop in animation continualy? ie i have a basic sqaure with only stroke on it id like to make the stroke change texture or shine all around it over time ?