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    Flash help needed

      Two questions, one is probably easy, the other I don't know....

      First off, I have a website with a flash start page. When I load the site, a box appears around the flash movie saying "click to activate and use this control". If i click on it, it goes away and everything is normal. I'm not sure why this box appears, I didn't have this problem on my last flash page, is it something with the html thats loading the flash???

      Secondly, is there a way to have an external flash application/movie (coffee cup flash blog) load into a section of my current flash template for my site? I guess I'm asking if there is an easy way to have this external movie load and be able to specify which part of my main flash template I want it to load in???

      I have done a few searches, and it's probably because i've been up for quite a while working on the site that I am not understanding the answers. Hopefully its super simple, and please be patient with me. Thanks in advance
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          There are answers for both of your questions, my friend.

          The "click to activate.." -thing is due to microsofts new update. If you don't want this everytime someone loads your page (who wants it enyways?), you can solve this problem pretty easy with some extra script below your last </object> tag and upload a ieupdate.js file. Read more about this problem and how to fix it in some other thread here on theese boards.

          Secondly, yes, you can load an external flash movie and interact it with your main .fla. There should be a tutorial about this on flashkit.com, actionscript.org or another site.

          Happy smile,
          Svein Mikkel.