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    Replace the background in the Certificate Widget

    inalaska Level 1

      For the love of all that is good and pure; does someone know how to simply replace the background image in the certificate widget? So when I say the background image of the certificate widget, I mean literally the theme1.png, theme2.png, etc... I can't use the ones packaged, they look like something my 3 year old granddaughter threw together. I understand I can change the colors and move things around. Captivate is great until you actually want it to work like standard online training works. I almost feel like I have uncovered a long lost copy of Authorware.


      If there is no way to do replace the background, does someone have another idea that includes clear, easy-to-follow  training for designers on just the certificate widget -- which includes a Captivate walk-through and source file? I will pay.


      I tried to unzip the scorm compliant zip file generated by Captivate, replace the background and zip it again but of course got an error: An imsmanifest.xml file was found but it was not in the root of your zip file, please re-package your SCORM 

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If your method of changing the background graphic AFTER publishing worked and all you need is to get rid of the error message in the LMS, the secret is that you didn't zip the SCORM correctly.  You must have zipped it from the OUTSIDE of the folder containing all the files instead of opening the folder, selecting all of the contents and then zipping that way.  That will put the imsmanifest.xml file in the correct location where the LMS expects to find it.

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            inalaska Level 1

            Thank you! Zipping from within the folder got rid of the error message. However, the only way I can figure out how to replacing the background is if I only publish to .html. The .swf is being generated from Captivate during publishing so replacing the image does not replace it in the .swf. The html looks significantly rasterized and the text jerks around most especially when hovering over a button; so the quality is bad. Even if I select High 24-bit or jpeg at 100% it doesn't look as good as the .swf and the text moves. Also, the file size much larger and takes longer to load.