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    How to specify a 10-bit color?

    md51777716 Level 1

      When I set the preferences to 32 bpc and sRGB, the color picker switches from displaying 8-bit RGB values [0...255] to decimal RGB values [0...1] out to 4 significant figures. However, the hexadecimal values do not change. For example, RGB[127,127,127] is #7F7F7F and RGB[128,128,128] is #808080. And if I calculate the 10-bit RGB [511,511,511] decimal value, I come up with 0.4995. Similarly RGB[512,512,512] is 0.5005. However, when sliding the color picker up and down the gray scale, the values bounce between 0.498 and 0.502 which are the 8-bit decimal equivalents of 127 and 128.


      Therefore, I am wondering how does one go about picking 10-bit colors using the color picker? Or, is there some other way?


      Thank you