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    Unlinked files in Catalog have a -2 appended to them


      Strange thing happened to my catalog.


      Short story. My hard drive was recovered using a professional service and delivered to me on a new hard drive. Everything is linked up and working properly. Except for 13 folders where every file in the catalog has an -2 appended to it. The original files visible in finder have the original file name so of course the catalog cant find them. There are a total of 851 images that this has happened to. Is there an easy way to relink these images, or do I have to click the "!" for each image and relink it individually?


      I realize that Lightroom will add the -2 if a duplicate file is created, but in this case no duplicates were created, and I can only think the data recover may have had something to do with it.


      I am using the latest version of Lightroom CC on an rMBP with latest release of OSX


      Thanks so much.