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    Challenging your tech team

    marebelldzine Level 1

      So I'm challenging your tech team(coders) to come up with  a new adobe app or product that provides the following:
      Converts jpeg or image into a calendar format.

      So I have screenshot of my schedule/calendar and I import it into Adobe Acrobat Pro, I select tools>recognize text>in this file, and now the shifts or scheduled hours in the jpeg are now selectable, I can select the text and right click and export selection as a xml or excel file, however when I do this it is more of a list than a table or actual organized calendar, it's the closest I've been able to get. However since adobe already has the code/technology ability to detect text from an image, now how can we take that data and turn it into a .csv or .ics file? I know when I'm writing a text message and write the names of dates or times it is underlined and I'm able to click on it and cortana/siri pops up and asks if I would like to add it to my calendar, so I know the recognition ability is out there, I just feel like there isn't much apps out there that actually do this. Please help, I love using the reminder feature for my shifts, but having to manually input two weeks worth is tedious.