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    Best way to work when using 2 Computers (Laptop and Desktop)

    lukebrincat Level 1

      Hello Adobe users and experts,


      I Recently invested in a Laptop to use when im out on a job or simply hvaing a coffee and still work on some photos. When Im at home I use my Gaming Rig, as I work more comfortable and can do tons more stuff.


      Currently When Im on the laptop I create a new Catalog start editing on the spot. Then go home, export the catalog from the laptop save it on a Flash Drive, Load it onto My Rig Create a new Catalog and Import Photos from the catalog saved on the flash drive to Lightroom


      Anyone does the same or use an even better and efficient way which could save me some time? Also once the photos are on my Desktop and need to go out once again. I can't resume working where I left off from my desktop.


      Just to recap this is my Current Process step by step:


      1. On Laptop I create a Catalog
      2. Import and Edit and rate Photos on Laptop
      3. When done, export Catalog (With Negatives) to Flash Drive
      4. On Desktop I Create a New Catalog
      5. Import Catalog from Flashdrive
      6. Images and settings Loaded on Desktop
      7. Continue editing and Finalise Photos.