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    Not being able to use the products that i am charged for



      I had a yearly prepaid subscription that i have cancelled before it is renewed, Because i couldnt pay the whole amount at once so i cancelled it  at 25th of july before it ends.

      Then i bought a yearly monthly payment subscription at 15th august

      But i started to get notifications about my subscription is ending like i didn't get a new one,

      So I used contact form three days ago 17th august and inform adobe. And the person that i talked confirmed the situation and said that they will fix and contact me in two days, but nothing changced since then.

      Yesterday, i talked again, they said  they have my case escalated with priority

      As of today, i can not use my products

      This is not good. Adobe already charged me for my new subscription but i can not use it.


      Anyone has a similar experience?
      What should i do?

      It seems like guys at support chat are not doing anything all they say is their technical team is working on it.