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    Audio won't preview in AE (unspecified drawing error)


      Hi! I'm having a problem getting my audio to play back in After Effects. I'm using the RAM preview (0 on the num pad) and the playhead is scrolling through the timeline but I'm hearing no sound whatsoever. When I attempt to bring up the audio panel, I get an "unspecified drawing error" that won't go away until I force quit out of the program. From what I gather, this has something to do with the RAM/GPU performance but my computer has 12gb of RAM and an NVIDIA Geforce graphics card so this shouldn't be a problem and hasn't been in the past (I've been able to preview audio before and I checked to make sure that the file is not muted in the preview window).


      I am running AE 2015.3 and I just updated it in an attempt to fix the problem so nothing should be out of date. Any help is greatly appreciated!


      (And yes, I tried turning my laptop off and on again)