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    TOC Auto Collapse


      Anyone know how to change the code of the toc code to do the following:

      Click on Book A and it opens. Click on book B and B opens and A closes.

      I saw a post where you could create a button to get is to do it, is there an automatic way?

      Thanks for any feedback!

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi dhelp

          If you are talking about a compiled .CHM file, sure! But if it's WebHelp, sadly the answer is no. At least I've never seen it done. Doesn't mean it's impossible, only that I've never seen it.

          If it's a compiled .CHM file, expand the Single Source Layouts pseudo folder. Then double click the Microsoft HTML Help layout. From the properties dialog, click the Advanced... button. This should open the Advanced Settings dialog. Click the TOC Styles tab. Then click to place a check mark in the option labeled: Single Click to Open Books. (This option in Microsoft HTML Help Workshop is labeled "Only expand a single heading".)

          Hopefully this was what you were looking for... Rick
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            Is there any way to do this with a FlashHelp skin that might not involve editing the FLA actionscript?
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi DrDrennan and welcome to our community

              Unfortunately, you can't. However, you can simply create a link that reloads the system and displays the default topic. This essentially "Restarts" the help system. In this case, all nodes would collapse. Maybe that would work?

              Just a thought... Rick :)