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    How To Script The F11 Web Browser Key Functionality?

      You've seen many Home pages that give you the choice of screen res. When you click a res, say full-screen, the new page opens up in a secondary popup and fills the screen.

      Yuck. This is not what I'm looking for.

      However, what I want to know is, can a swf be Actionscripted - not Javascripted - to carry out the F11 web browser key functionality, whereby when the swf loads in the Home page, it sets the web browser into kiosk or full-screen mode without using Javascript or HTML instructions in the HTML/xHTML head (E 7 Beta totally ignores these "arcane" instructions which is a real shame and a major pain in the butt).

      If so, please post the Actionscript on this forum for us all to enjoy!

      Fingers are crossed with this one.....