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    Size of pictures in slideshows

    Chris Little

      When I create a slideshow in Lightroom the final pictures are very small in size despite being full size and screen filling when they are constructed. I feel sure it should be possible to get somewhere near full screen size. Has anybody else experienced this?


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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are they small in the slideshow module inside Lightroom or only small in the exported slideshow? In the first case, that means that your images are too low resolution (cropped too extreme for example) to be displayed full screen. In the second case, it means you exported to a too low resolution video file (make sure you select the 1080p option) or if you're exporting a pdf slideshow make sure you have a high enough resolution set up. Also make sure that the video player or pdf viewer is set to play the show in full screen.

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            Chris Little Level 1

            Thank you very much Jao. My camera image import was being reduced by the Apple Mac photo application. My Canon camera is 24MP and should have been good quality. I have now imported through a different route and it is much better. Thank you so much. Best wishes Chris