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    Adding fill-able fields to multiple pages, multiple documents?

    CarlJStoneham Level 1

      I work at a disciplinary school where we generate and distribute class schedules for incoming students using PDF (we have an online database that pulls the relevant data, then generates a PDF with one page for each student). Because of the need for some internal tracking, we have to add information to each PDF page that varies by student. As a quick & dirty stop-gap, we've been copy-pasting in a text box on each page that is then edited manually. It's OK, but will not suffice for the long-term (it doesn't look professional, the pasted boxes shift their position, etc).  With that background, at the moment I'm just looking for pointers to a reasonably efficient solution that I can research. In effect, I'm looking for a quick way to, on any PDF, add something like:

      Intake date:

      Days Assigned:
      Exit Date


      and so on, with editable fields to follow the various descriptors. Ideally, our receptionist could open up a PDF schedule in Acrobat Pro XI add the form to all pages in the PDF, and she could then go through and add the information to various fields for each student, save, then e-mail.

      As you can perhaps tell, the point I'm stuck on right now is what would be the best way to accomplish this. A stamp? A macro that creates fillable fields? etc. So your advice on what you see as the least complicated approach is welcome.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This can be done quite easily using a script. The developer would just need to define the locations (as well as other properties, such as font, text size, fill color, border style, etc.) of the fields, and then write a loop that adds a uniquely named version on each field (so that they don't all have the same values).

          If you're interested in hiring someone to develop this for you, feel free to contact me privately.