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    a 3D Camera Tracker cool feature that I'm looking for

    DJ Arad Noam Level 1

      Can someone tell me how to put objects behind another object in the background itself ?

      Here are some examples :


      Pioneer Israel presents Dj BrainDeaD - DIGITALDJ-SP1 - YouTube


      The Forest - MLP in Real Life Music Video - YouTube


      As you can see in the videos, the pony's tail, for example, is behind the tree, which is in the background video.

      I have a feeling that it's have something to do with the Roto Brush, but the last thing I did with this tool was to crop some objects off a background and put it in a green screen, And I didn't do this for a LONG time...........

      I don't know if StormFX (The one who did the second video) was even using AE to make this but it looks awesome, and there's gotta be a feature like this in the program.


      Thanks for help ! I really appreciate it !

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          Can someone tell me how to put objects behing another object in the background itself ?


          When you are tracing a live footage (in your example - to cut it out so you can place the live footage on top of a CG, or to put the CG behind the live footage) it's called Rotoscoping. look here for a little history: https://www.fxguide.com/featured/the-art-of-roto-2011/


          in Ae there are many tools to do this. the most straight forward approach would be masks - which is great for simple rotoscoping. the more complex would be Rotobrush which can produce amazing results but requires a lot of practice and the learning curve is steep.


          for a comprehensive course I will suggest you learn from the master Mark Christiansen on his course on Lynda:

          After Effects Compositing 05: Rotoscoping & Edges


          there are of course other source of information right in the adobe help files:

          After Effects Roto Brush, Refine Edge, and Refine Matte

          Use alpha channels, masks, and mattes in After Effects


          about 3D Tracker. actually using 3D tracking for rotoscoping is a bit complex because you are essentially masking a 2D layer with a 3D information and using masks and alpha mattes in 3D space can get messy. you usually use 3D tracking for placing the CG elements in the scene (the ponys, or maybe audio waveform on the wall for the DJ if the camera was moving) but the Roto you usually do in 2D.


          about the examples you provided: the 1st has no camera movement so this is straight forward masking or rotobrush, the second video will require 2D or 3D tracking to put the ponys in there, but the roto could be 2D. for example the tree 00:18 could just be a duplicated footage of the tree with a mask on it that will trace it as long as it's on top of the pony.