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    Freeware icon editor?

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      I had a program that did this before, but I don't know where it went. (Been
      years since I needed it.) I need an icon-editor that will change the icon
      of the projec32.skl file in order to use a custom icon for my projector.
      (I'm aware that MX 2004 has this feature by default - finally, but I'm still
      using regular MX, so I have to do it the hard way until I can save up enough
      to upgrade.) I've done some searching, but there's a lot of programs out
      there, and most of them don't specify exactly what formats they'll work on,
      and so far none of the ones I've downloaded will work on a .skl file. I
      wish I knew where the program I was using before went, but I've moved around
      between several computers since then. Any suggestions?